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ThinCool - thin solid state cooling

A new solid state process of absorbing and moving heat
The main advantages are:

  • pure solid state
  • effects that act similar to thermodynamic refrigeration cycle
  • no moving or mechanical parts
  • noiseless, absolutely quiet operation
  • high energy efficiency
  • very thin and small devices
  • low material need
  • flexibel devices possible
  • cost effective and sustainable manufacturing
Generally, absorbing and transporting heat regardless of the temperature makes it possible to move heat from cold to warm and build a refrigerator or heat pump.

The main physical phenomena and effects to do this are:
  • Thermodynamical cycles like the refrigeration cycle, more information here or here
  • Absorption heat pump, see example
  • Adsorption/Desorption cycles, eg. with Zeolites and water
  • Peltier effect, used in Peltier modules (thermoelectricity)
  • Thin solid state cooling based on this IP

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